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The characteristics and uses of the cargo net produced by Kino

The cargo net is a kind of net bags used for lifting,which is generally made of polyamide, vinylon, polyester, polypropylene, […]

Characteristics of our lifting slings

Polyester Slings Flexibility of the fabric prevents it from locking up on a load Unaffected by common acids and hot [...]

What’s the different between Nylon Web Slings and Polyester Web Slings?

SAMSON high strength cables are used the application of maritime salvage Nylon Web Slings Polyester Web Slings Selection Larger selection [...]

Use of flexible slings and matters needing attention

The flexible sling is made of polyester (polyester) and polyamide fiber. Widely used in all walks of life such as: [...]

New Arrivals Products

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About us

 We Kino Lifting Slings Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Lifting slings, Webbing Sling, Endless Sling & Cargo control products in China.Our products include Flat Webbing sling,Round sling,Rope Slings, Lifting Chains ,Ratchet strap,Ratche tie down,We produce almost every size of webbing &round slings to EN1492,EN12195,ASME B30.9 standard, and they are certified by GS and CE. The machinery and equipment of our factory are all from Germany’s advanced equipment, we have advanced production equipment, dyeing equipment and testing equipment.  We guarantee that every product is excellent.

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