What is Rigging Equipment?

Rigging equipment referrers into the devices and components used to lift and manoeuvre items safely, within a proposed system implemented by a group of riggers. Industries which frequently require the employment of construction equipment comprise structure, technology and event staging.

Like most of lifting operations, hoisting and construction ought to be carried out together with public and worker safety as a main focus.

Gear: The first thing will dictate the way the rigging gear is chosen and used. Riggers have to make sure that the overall rigging installation and individual components are acceptable for the dimensions and weight of this load in question, so as to prevent overloading the gear, which may result in harm and serious security hazards. The rigging gear itself must also be sourced from respectable suppliers, to be able to make certain the goods are of the right quality and standard. To be able to maintain this caliber, the things must then be routinely tested to make sure that it continues to meet security standards.

What are the various kinds of rigging gear?

Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings can be found in a variety of lifting capabilities, supplying users with a robust and flexible method of doing lifting operations.


Chainslings supply a durable lifting option, that has a handy hook system for simple attachment. Not only do all these slings come in many different weight limitations, they’re also available in single, two 4 and leg leg layouts.

Polyester Webbing Slings

Our lifting slings can be found in a variety of various layouts and weight specifications.

Spreader Beams

Spreader beams are a modular mounting alternative that are made to be utilized in many different configurations, based on the necessities of the functioning operation.