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Webbing is a powerful woven cloth distinguishable by its various material compositions, strength differences, and widths. Hunting across a wide array of applications and businesses, webbing are seen in army equipment, hiking and camping equipment such as harnesses, and automotive security characteristics like seatbelts.

After made from natural fibers like cotton or flax, contemporary webbing is now generally made from fibers such as strands of polyester or nylon woven on a loom to make horizontal strips.

Types and Properties of Webbing

Horizontal webbing (or strong webbing) — Fibers solidly woven to make flat webbing.

Properties: Available in various breaking strengths, this design can conduct a variety of fundamental applications. Though the horizontal shape is ideal to applications where material is sewn into a bigger product, it may be vulnerable to abrasion because of its stiffer character compared to tubular webbing.

Tubular webbing — Normally thicker, this kind of webbing is proven to be more elastic than horizontal webbing.

Properties: Soft and pliable, this design allows for many different applications compared to its horizontal counterpart. It’s also less vulnerable to wear and tear, and can take care of dynamic functions, like holding knots.

Webbing Applications

Webbing is a flexible element that looks in a wide selection of applications. Examples of common businesses and special uses include:

Military — Specialized Mil-Spec and PIA-Spec (Parachute Industry Association) narrow webbing is manufactured as Class 1 (crucial use, shuttle loom) or Class 1a (critical usage, shuttleless / needle loom) to deliver payloads safely and reliably.

Aerospace — High strength specialty webbing appears in parachutes, flight suits, seat belts, cargo netting psychologist, and crew security components.

Security webbing — Webbing enables civilian security through applications like shoulder and chin straps, lap belts, harnesses, binding tapes, and shock absorbing webbing.

Commercial webbing –Webbing can be found in everyday commercial applications like back pack straps and pet leashes.